Welcome, Jerks.


I was born and raised in Boston and I was baptized into the local sports culture on day one. My earliest memory is bouncing around in my little Jolly Jumper watching Tony Eason prepare to shit himself in SB XX – something I’d probably done in my jumper around the same time. I’m not old, but I’m old enough to remember Boston before it was the City of Champions. I’ve seen Parcells and Pete Carroll coach the Pats in person, Marcus Banks bring the ball up the court for the C’s, and Mike Lansing and Jose Offerman stink up Fenway. I played high school ball, some college ball, and I’m currently attempting to lose 60-100 lbs to make a rec league team.

I’ll be your doula, your tour guide, and your Sherpa on this blog. My takes will be biased and spicy. I am a homer. I will answer any and all questions, challenges, and calls for a fight (I’m a biter). I will not give you my real name because I have a family (read: a dog) – unless you’re hiring. So strap in, put on some chap stick, and just have a good time, ya know?


Love you.